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Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Chamber

1.We work to create a positive image of our community.

2.We maintain this website – we receive many hits every month, and we fully expect it to grow. Chamber members receive a free business listing, a free ‘traffic catcher site” along with a hyperlink from our business directory to your website.

3.We actively promote our trade area and tourism industry through various forms of media, including website advertising, regional and local tourism publications, direct mail, local newspaper advertisements, and many other marketing vehicles.

4.You will have opportunities to network with other community business people, including gatherings.

5.You will have the opportunity to notify other members of your events and opportunities through this website.

6.Buy locally- As a chamber we try to keep the money flowing within the community and make those dollars work for our community.

7.Together we sponsor 4-5 events a year, bringing the community together to celebrate all 4 seasons in the great northwoods.

8.We support industries and businesses that bring people, employment, and a better economy to the Balsam Lake Area.

9.Ours members MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by working to improve the quality of life and the business environment.

10.Representation - The chamber works as a voice for its members in local and state government.

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Member Presentation

Location Carousel

Communities across America are looking for low-cost grass root concepts to help promote their communities.

In order to successfully compete online our Chamber of Commerce are now using tools to build content on our community and members businesses.

Location carousel provides the infrastructure to gather, organize and then post valuable information through the member directory and even area search engines that are powered by Google.

Location, Location and Location today is equal to Information, Information and Information so that people can find you!

The carousel is a data circle which gathers local information through patent-pending techniques that may change depending on the community it is serving. Once data is gathered many e-services are activated which convert the entire community into a powerful advertising system for participating members.